Shows for Kids



Format: originals and covers with sing-alongs and fun voices (30-60 min)
Audiences: school groups, camps, and parties
Original song topics: eating well, being active, reading, communicating (performed with certain pre-recorded backing tracks)
Cover song examples: I’m a Believer, The Rainbow Connection, The Fox, Lunch Lady Land

Original song examples:

The World a.k.a. Our Gym (about physical activity ideas in Maine)
Only in a Book (about the power of reading)
Veggie Time (about eating a variety of vegetables)

What people are saying:

Tyson’s energy during his performance was contagious! My first graders were singing about asparagus and staying active the rest of the school day. Even at lunch, the students were talking about which items came from a garden. Tyson was able to combine important information about making healthy choices with fun music that the kiddos enjoyed immensely! Thank you Tyson!!! (Ashley Vanasse, First Grade Teacher)

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