All Rise

Original release date: December, 2015
Intended audience: people of any age who care about health
Available for purchase:
iTunes (downloads)
The 3D Health Alliance Store (hard copies)
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Tracks (with clips):
1. Rise (lyrics)

2. A Garden in 3D (feat. Christina Sterling) (lyrics)

3. Rather than Smoke (feat. Christina Sterling) (lyrics)

4. Veggie Time (feat. Christina Sterling) (lyrics)

5. The World a.k.a. Our Gym (feat. Christina Sterling) (lyrics)

6. Always Training Something (lyrics)

7. Living in 3D (feat. 3-Ditty) (lyrics)

8. Our Watch (lyrics)

9. What Are We Made Of (lyrics)

10. Calling All Heroes (feat. Christina Sterling) (lyrics)